One year of PJ Piping

One year of PJ Piping

One year of PJ Piping

A partnership between pipes and valves; where did it all begin for PJ Piping (PJP)? We launched in 2016 as an offshoot of our parent company, PJ Valves (PJV). Located in Houston, TX, we specialise in pipe fittings, flanges and other piping components to the oil and gas, petrochemical and desalination sectors.

With the oil and gas industry not as prosperous as it once was, many manufacturers and suppliers have had to re-evaluate their vision. Instead of cut backs PJV decided to expand and diversify its product range. What would customers want? They required valves and piping so why not offer both? This maximised the supply chain value for clients and created a successful new area of business in a harsh economic climate.

In just a year we have more than doubled our team. All our staff have experience in working within the supply chain and understand the challenges operators and contractors face. We collaborate and consult with our customers. It is a supplier and manufacturer relationship not just a one-off deal.

This collaborative approach – one built on partnership – has increased our work within the offshore oil and gas industry in particular. It’s a rarity in the current economic environment and something we are proud of. Our offshore technical expertise and quick delivery time has allowed PJP to be a healthy competitor. Continued activity in downstream projects has also supported our growth as PJP has been supplying piping for petrochemical plants and oil refineries. But with success always comes a challenge.

Not just a challenge for PJP, but for the oil and gas industry as a whole. It has been increasingly difficult to keep up with the movement within the sector, which has a direct effect on the supply chain in regards to the shift of personnel. Old relationships become new ones, and we have to prove ourselves all over again. But we have learnt to adapt and work alongside our clients - we are aware of the pressures they face.

An example of our unique approach was our work on an offshore platform in Mexico, where we assisted a major contractor in solving a problem for a US$454 million contract. For the project to be successful a specific requirement had to be met. A corrosion test on the piping material was required to certify its compliance with current standards. This was so technically challenging that other subcontractors were unable to overcome this obstacle. Using our team of experts, we were able to supply the operator with the data, proving the specification standard had been achieved. All this was carried out before PJP was awarded any contract with this project. The result? A project prevented from delay and expense. Not bad for the new kids on the block.

Well, not exactly… PJV has been manufacturing and supplying valves to energy projects globally since 1976. Our experience means that we can afford to take long term views and invest in the development of our products. With PJP, we look to a future where the PJ Group can continue to expand globally. Together, we look forward to the next year and many more to come.