Products: Special products

Standard Design

At our major manufacturing plants, we have experienced valve designers that are able to design valves specific to client applications and project requirements.

Our experienced in house valve designers have more than 30 years experience of designing valves specific to client needs, including End User specifications and Special Applications such as high pressure, double block and bleed, zero leakage, low emissions standards and cryogenic requirements.

Production range

Special designs can be adapted from our standard product range including:

  • Double Block & Bleed configurations
  • Thru Conduit Gate valves, Dual Expanding type
  • High Pressures API 10K - API 20K valves
  • Low Leakage Rates and Zero Leakage applications
  • Special Gas Testing standards
  • Cryogenic Design
  • Special Materials and Overlays
  • Tungsten Carbide Coating (TCC) - Metal Seats

Material scope

Statoil approved QTR qualified to NORSOK M650 edition IV.

  • Carbon and Low Temperature Carbon Steel
  • Austenitic and Super Austenitic Stainless Steels
  • Duplex and Super Duplex
  • Nickel alloys and Super alloys eg 6Mo, Hastelloy, Inconel and Monel
  • Titanium

Other material combinations available against specific requirements.

Fast Track Production

We are able to produce valves in rapid delivery times based on client urgent needs and shut down requirements. This can be achieved using our stock forgings and castings, fast track material manufacture or where requested by our clients, valves machined from forged bar material.

Application Based Design Features

LNG Applications

Our cryogenic range of valves are used for LNG and cryogenic applications. Our standard stem design is extended and our seat and sealing design is adapted to be suitable for low temperatures down to -196 degrees Celcius. All valves are cryogenically tested. We can also produce valves suitable to seal and survive at -101 degrees Celcius.

Produced Water Treatment & Desanding Applications

PJV have strong experience in supplying valves to PWT applications. Typcially, we will see our clients selecting Duplex and Super Duplex materials, and metal seated valves using TCC (Tungsten Carbide Coating) suitable for abrasion.

High Pressure Applications

Our valves are designed to meet high pressure requirements up to 2500lb and beyond, including API 10K, 15K & 20K. We can support our standard range of production with high pressure gas testing and very low leakage rates.

Zero Leakage & Tight Shut Off Applications

Our valves can be supplied according to zero leakage requirements or where leak detection configurations are required, for example, in high accuracy Metering applications.

Emergency Shut Down Applications (ESDV)

Emergency Shut Down Valves are designed in accordance with client and project specifications. Client approved actuation and control arrangements are combined with PJV Trunnion Mounted Ball valves to ensure high integrity, sized for increased safety factors and quick closing of valves.

Project Experience