Maersk Halfdan Platform

About Maersk Halfdan Platform

The Halfdan Platform – the largest in the Danish sector of the North Sea producing 100,000 barrels per day, almost half of all Danish oil output.


Our customer had been contracted to supply an offshore Produced Water Treatment (PWT) system to the project. We provided support during the bid process by providing various cost models - particularly focusing on the material challenges of 6MO and Maersk specifications - compliance with the Maersk TS-16 mechanical and non-destructive material testing requirements was paramount.  The delivery schedule was tight and the challenge was increased because the majority of valves were required in 6MO material. Due to the requirements of Maersk TS-16, stock 6MO material could not be used; castings and forgings had to be manufactured specifically for this project, the largest of which being a 16" 150lb 6MO actuated ball valve casting.

We supplied $1.5m value of manual and actuated ball, gate, globe and check valves, ½" up to 16", 150lb and 300lb. The vast majority of the supply was in 6MO material. Highlights included 16" actuated ball valves.


Our customer was particularly pleased with our material prices which resulted in significant project cost savings. Our experience of supplying against Maersk specifications also meant that the project successfully avoided all of the specification pitfalls - particularly the TS-16 mechanical and testing specification. All valves were delivered to our customer's UK fabrication site, within 24-33 calendar weeks. We were able to provide specialist technical and industry knowledge and deliver on these challenging specifications. This delivery was achieved during a period when global manufacturing capacity was extremely limited and late valve deliveries within the industry were commonplace.

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