Early Production Facilities

Early production facilities (EPFs) are fast-track developments of hydrocarbon processing equipment.


EPFs are typically used for early well testing, or to monetise reserves whilst a full field concept is developed. Time to production needs to be minimised, and quality equipment is needed to maximise uptime during asset design life.

Stock of raw materials

Expert change management

Experience with export

Valve performance through design

EPF experience

PJ Valves’ business is structured to support the requirements of EPF projects. We stock raw materials to enable fast-track completion of items to project specifications, and our investment in ERP and project management systems allows us to expertly control project change, demonstrated on numerous successful EPF projects.

EPF products

EPFs demand competitively priced valves in short lead times. PJ Valves’ in-group manufacturing facilities meet these needs, whilst our range is designed to maintain excellent sealing performance and integrity.

Are you planning an EPF project?

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