Our factories

PJ Valves’ network of in-group and partner factories are at the heart of our ability to
provide competitive valves, with visibility throughout execution to derisk delivery.

Quarter-turn factory

PJ Valves’ quarter turn manufacturing facility specializes in the production of ball and butterfly valves, in addition to the integration of actuators for this range. We draw on a NORSOK qualified raw material supply chain.

This manufacturing plant provides PJV with the capacity to manufacture the quarter turn valve requirements of a complete topside or onshore processing facility.


  • Trunnion mounted ball valves
  • Floating ball valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Double block and bleed valves
  • Actuator integration

Multi-turn factory

PJ Valves’ multi-turn plant focuses on the production of forged steel gate, globe and check valves. The facility has the capacity to manufacture complete front-end requirements (see case study), and also holds an extensive stock of raw materials and machined parts, enabling fast-track delivery of high specification valves in a complete range of special alloys up to titanium.


  • Gate, globe and check valves
  • Double block and bleed valves
  • Special products

Partner factories

For items outside of PJ Valves’ production range, such as actuators, we hold established relationships with leading partner factories, allowing us to offer a complete scope of supply.

Underpinned by our customer-focused project execution structure, PJ Valves provides a blend of in-group manufacturer pricing, with the convenience of a one vendor package solution, ensuring the coordination of complete package delivery and problem solving.
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