Midstream and Petrochemical

Upstream production is transported from remote processing locations for direct sale or further refinement or processing into value added products.


From transportation of oil and gas via pipelines or tankers, to the further refinement of crude oil into chemical, plastics and high value fuels, PJ Valves has a product portfolio to support even the most demanding midstream applications.

API 6D range

Forged steel valves

Butterfly valves

Custom design

40 years’ experience

Since 1976, PJ Valves has manufactured for hundreds of onshore processing applications. With our roots in the United Kingdom, PJ Valves has globalised and our valves now support onshore assets in every major continent.

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Midstream products

From a full range of API 6D products for pipelines and compression stations, to valves designed to withstand the most extreme refining conditions, PJ Valves has a product for your midstream application.

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Is your valve procurement for FPSOs working well?

By Dan Munro, Owner of PJ Valves We can support you to improve valve outcomes for your project. Proven for FPSOs. Our deep experience manufacturing valves for FPSO's means that we understand your needs. Partnership to deliver better specifications and lower cost. We work with you to help optimize your specifications and scopes for both cost and long term operation. Partnership to deliver reliability. Our products and processes provide reduced lead times, strong on time delivery performance and reduced environmental impact.