Kuwait EPFs

| Jurassic Area, Kuwait | KOC | Early production facilities (EPFs)

Project background

The Jurassic carbonate reservoirs of Northern Kuwait host a number of major tight gas fields, which have been developed using EPFs. We were engaged by our client to support urgent valve requirements for expansion work across three of these assets, at Umm Niqa, Sabriya and East Raudhatain.

Scope of supply

PJ Valves supplied fasttrack valves to meet the EPF’s demanding start-up schedule. The scope included multiple orders and technical support on specification changes to achieve first production on schedule. Support with logistical challenges relating to timescales and volume of goods on split deliveries in to various destinations

  • Super duplex and duplex, Ni Al bronze ball valves from stock
  • Gate, globe check valves in various materials on fast lead times


PJ Valves satisfied the customer by delivering multiple high quantity scopes of valves efficiently and as committed.

Agility in planning and scheduling combined with clear communication

“PJ Valves have since signed an MSA, which was a result of this and other successful projects for the client.”

Relevant case studies

Mooring applications call for a diverse range of products with common features in specification and configuration.

High pressures, metal seating and corrosion resistant alloy materials are
typical requirements.

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Three ways for suppliers to positively support the oil and gas industry through transition

By Dan Munro, Owner of PJ Valves We can do this. We can help the oil and gas industry respond to current pressures by emerging as more efficient and less environmentally damaging. There is going to be blood on the carpet during the next few months and years – but there will also be clear winners. Winners who embrace the opportunity of change, and supply chains that support their customers to deliver this change.