Mangara and Badila

| Chad | Petrochad | Well pad development and processing facilities development

Project background

Our end user client entered into the Chad fields in 2014 and has followed a rapid development programme of new wells and associated processing facilities. The remote location of the facitities means that management and control of these fast-track projects is critical, and valves are critical path components for the well pad expansion programme.

Scope of supply

We supplied over 50 orders to the project, shaped around the specific needs of each well pad development programme. Our supply flexibility blend of own brand and global supply chain partners means that we supported both custom-build and fast-track requirements. We continued to shape our supply to improve how we met our clients’ needs.

  • Diverse range
  • Manual and actuated
  • Complex logistics
  • Manufactured and stocked products
  • Close customer support


Being agile to reflect the clients’ needs, we continually worked with the customer to challenge and improve both our product and service offering This aligned well with diverse individual package requirements. Customer feedback was very positive.

Working closely with the customer to identify needs and improve outcomes

Our manufacturer and distribution model

Relevant products

Mooring applications call for a diverse range of products with common features in specification and configuration.

High pressures, metal seating and corrosion resistant alloy materials are typical requirements.

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Three ways for suppliers to positively support the oil and gas industry through transition

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