Is your valve procurement for FPSOs working well?

We can support you to improve valve outcomes for your project. Heres how

Proven for FPSOs

Our deep experience manufacturing valves for FPSO's means that we understand your needs.

Partnership to deliver better specifications and lower cost

We work with you to help optimize your specifications and scopes for both cost and long term operation.

Partnership to deliver reliability

Our products and processes provide reduced lead times, strong on time delivery performance and reduced environmental impact.

Proven for FPSOs

We have manufactured and supplied valves to 25+ FPSOs. We understand the general needs of FPSOs (competitive price, technically compliant products and on time delivery) and we also work with you to understand the specific needs for your FPSO so that we can customize our solution for you. We've supplied to Norsok, Petrobras, ENI, Total, BP, Shell, etc end user specifications along with the world's major FPSO owner operator specifications. We will make our experience work for you.

Partnership to deliver better specifications and lower cost

We have worked with FPSO operators and process package companies to provide specification advice ranging from specific tactical changes to wholesale specification rewrites. Our aim is to make sure specifications are clear and optimized to balance cost and the FPSOs operational lifecycle. We have also helped FPSO companies optimize valve scopes to reduce the complexity of vessel build and operations.

Partnership to deliver reliability

We have recently completed supply of 2000+ valves to a produced water application for a Petrobras FPSO where we have delivered 80%+ of the valves early during the era of Covid lockdown. Our customer commented :'PJ have demonstrated their technical expertise provide a technical solution that was both compliant and competitive, for what is a large and complex scope. Throughout the execution of the project, PJ have 'walked the talk' by continuing to collaborate well on technical issues, learn our processes, deliver quality and maintain the schedule, all things that we place high value on'

Our products and applications

Our manufactured range includes ball, double block and bleed, butterfly, gate, globe and check valves. We can manufacture valves in a wide range of materials to suit your FPSO requirements and can also provide valves to meet your high pressure/high temperature requirements. We supply both manual and actuated products from our two manufacturing sites.

We've supplied both full topside valve requirements and valves for specific FPSO applications including: Produced Water Treatment, Sea Water Treatment, Gas Treatment, Compression, Turret Mooring, Oil Separation, Fire Fighting, Chemical Injection, Utility Modules etc.

Cost effective products & services

Our industry is in an era of high pressure on costs. We embrace the challenge of this cost pressure because its another way to support our customers.

We manufacture highly competitive products across our range. We also work with our customers to simplify specifications to reduce cost. We apply a continuous improvement mindset to both product design, service provision and cost.
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