Gas is chilled at cryogenic temperatures to convert to liquid state, allowing efficient transportation and storage.


PJ Valves has broad experience in the LNG sector. Our valve designers pioneered an integrally-forged stem extension for cryogenic service, and the PJ Valves ball valve range offers a competitive and reliable solution for ambient gas processing prior to liquefaction.

Product range for ambient and cryogenic processes

Early engineering support

Large install base and extensive testing capabilities

SIL-rated valves and actuator integration expertise

PJ Valves & LNG

PJ Valves’ experience and proven install base on onshore LNG installations, has led us into the growing FLNG market. PJ Valves’ product portfolio is competitive on both ambient gas conditioning and cryogenic service applications, providing a complete solution for LNG plant.

LNG Products

LNG applications typically use stainless steel materials through both the gas conditioning and liquefaction phases. PJ Valves has a full product range for LNG facilities, including cryogenic products with a proven operational record.

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