Butterfly Valves

Product overview

PJ Valves’ butterfly valve range offers space and weight saving quarter-turn isolation for applications that do not require an unobstructed bore.

Our designs offer fire-safe certified zero leakage shut off, with material and seating configurations to meet any specification. Our focus on the production of high-performance butterfly valves, with end user requirements incorporated as standard, provide reliable service and longevity in critical applications.

Production range

PJ Valves' butterfly range includes concentric, double offset and triple offset butterfly valves, with many options to meet application requirements. Our valves meet the following standards as a minimum: API 609, ASME B 16.34, ASME B 16.5, 16.10, API 607, NACE MR 01 75.


  • 2” to 36”
  • 150# to 600# pressure ratings
  • Seat and seal options configured to suit your application
  • Fully rated bi-directional sealing as standard

Material scope

PJ Valves believes that every good valve starts with quality raw materials. We are experts in compliance with stringent material specifications including NORSOK, and a wide variety of end user requirements covering both metallic and non-metallic parts.

Increasingly, severe upstream operating conditions mean specifications focus not only on primary valve components, but also elements such as bolting and operator materials. PJ Valves can meet the needs of any project specification through established relationships with our component supply chain.

Carbon steels (LTCS and High yield) Stainless Steel
Duplex/Super Duplex
Ni-Al Brz
Inconel, Titanium and other exotics

According to your project specifications

Radiography/UT testing
Ferrite testing and IGC to ASTM A262

Wide choice of polymer and metal seals
Non-graphite firesafe sealing for super duplex valves in seawater service
Coating to wide range of offshore specifications

Features and options

PJ Valves’ butterfly valves are engineered to meet the standard requirements of most project specifications, and a range of additional features and options make our valves suitable for even the most service conditions.

Low torques enable the most cost-effective actuation solution, and our valves are cycle tested to ensure seating performance even after thousands of operations.


  • Easily renewable seats for less downtime in the field
  • Modular seat and seal design
  • One-piece stem
  • Bi-directional sealing to full ASME pressure rating.
  • Integral top bracket


  • Firesafe certified designs
  • Stem packing options for ultra-low emissions
  • Stem extensions for cryogenic and high temp applications
  • Choice of end connections
  • Flow control options available

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Relevant applications

Mooring applications call for a diverse
range of products with common features in specification and configuration.

High pressures, metal seating and
corrosion resistant alloy materials are typical requirements.

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