Water Treatment and Injection

Water, whether a by-product of process separation or lifted direct from the sea, requires treatment before disposal or injection.


Produced water, SRU and water injection applications present challenging service conditions for installed equipment. Valves are specified to resist abrasive wear from suspended solids, or corrosion by saline water. PJ Valves’ proven designs and high-quality duplex materials make us a reliable partner for water treatment providers.

High quality duplex

TCC metal seats

Proven install base

Non-graphite firesafe seals

Years of experience

PJ Valves’ products are installed in over 20 operating water treatment systems. In addition to proven, competitive products, PJ Valves has expert staff with detailed application knowledge and extensive experience of delivering complete water treatment packages for the offshore industry.

Water treatment products

Water treatment processes typically specify corrosion resistant materials and seats that are resistant to abrasive wear. PJ Valves’ products use a high-quality duplex and a HVOF application process for TCC seats to ensure long service life.

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