Dual Plate Check Valves

Product overview

Dual plate check valves are commonly specified as a preferred non-return valve option due to the weight and space saving nature of the design compared to other check valve types. With no leak path to atmosphere, the design also inherently offers a check valve choice with zero fugitive emission potential.

PJ Valves provides a comprehensive range of dual plate check valves that can be engineered to meet even the most stringent leakage rate requirements.

Production range

PJ Valves' dual plate check valves meet API 594, API 6D and API 6A standards dependent on project requirements. All end connection and flange configurations are achievable including solid lugged, double flanged, and hub ends for high pressure applications.


  • 2” to 36”
  • 150# to API10,000 psi ratings
  • Metal and resilient seated options
  • PFA lining for hypochlorite service

Material scope

PJ Valves believes that every good valve starts with quality raw materials. We are experts in compliance with stringent material specifications including NORSOK, and a wide variety of end user requirements covering both metallic and non-metallic parts.

Increasingly, severe upstream operating conditions mean specifications focus not only on primary valve components, but also elements such as bolting and operator materials. PJ Valves can meet the needs of any project specification through established relationships with our component supply chain.

Carbon steels (LTCS and High yield) Stainless Steel
Duplex/Super Duplex
Ni-Al Brz
Inconel, Titanium and other exotics

According to your project specifications

Radiography/UT testing
Ferrite testing and IGC to ASTM A262

Range of spring materials

Features and options

PJ Valves’ dual plate check valves are engineered to meet the standard requirements of most project specifications, and we have significant experience in refining machining tolerances to comply with ultra-low leakage rate requirements.

As with the rest of our range, cryogenic design options and testing to -196°C is available.


  • Retainerless design
  • No leak path to atmosphere
  • Fire tested designs
  • Anti-slam design
  • Minimum pressure drop


  • Best possible metal to metal leakage rates achievable
  • Resilient seats offering zero leakage
  • Hard faced trims including stellite and TCC
  • Choice of spring material
  • Customised design to ensure suitability for vertical pipe service

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Relevant applications

Mooring applications call for a diverse
range of products with common features in specification and configuration.

High pressures, metal seating and
corrosion resistant alloy materials are typical requirements.

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