Special Products

Product overview

In addition to our broad portfolio of standard valve types engineered to meet your project needs, PJ Valves offers a range of special valve solutions.

Whether your challenge involves proving material suitability for an application or altering valve configurations and dimensions outside of standard norms, PJ Valves is your ideal partner to translate concept development into high performance products.

Production range

Founded on our in-depth knowledge of applicable industry standards, and our in-group engineering ability, we have the skills and experience to solve your valve design challenges.


  • High temperature service
  • Custom wall thicknesses for non-standard pressure ratings
  • High cycle/switching applications
  • Intelligent valve control and feedback

Material scope

PJ Valves believes that every good valve starts with quality raw materials. We are experts in compliance with stringent material specifications including NORSOK, and a wide variety of end user requirements covering both metallic and non-metallic parts.

Increasingly, severe upstream operating conditions mean specifications focus not only on primary valve components, but also elements such as bolting and operator materials. PJ Valves can meet the needs of any project specification through established relationships with our component supply chain.

Carbon steels (LTCS and high yield)
Stainless steel
Duplex/super duplex
Ni-Al Brz
Inconel, titanium and other exotics

According to your project specifications

Radiography/UT testing
Ferrite testing and IGC to ASTM A262

Specialist bolting (enhanced NDT, Xylan coated etc)
Wide range of specialist seal material options
Specialist metallic coatings for valve trim parts

Features and options

A wide range of special product types are available, with all the engineered feature options that are also available on our wider valve production range.

Perhaps you need something so special that it hasn't been developed yet? Our experienced valve designers work in partnership with you to develop valve design solutions based on specific application or process needs.

Special product examples

  • DBB Through conduit gate valve
  • Custom wall thicknesses
  • Controlled bore ball valves
  • Ultra-high pressures - API 15K, API 20K
  • Non-standard face to face dimensions

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Relevant applications

Mooring applications call for a diverse
range of products with common features in specification and configuration.

High pressures, metal seating and
corrosion resistant alloy materials are typical requirements.

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