EIC hosts one to one interview PJV Group Managing Director

EIC interview Dan Munro

Following a period of expansion and growth for PJV the EIC caught up with Dan Munro, Group Managing Director to find out more. Dan was able to provide insight into how PJV are helping customers to save money on projects when they need it most.

PJV Singapore

The article also discusses PJV’s expansion into the Singapore market where we have won several major awards and the expansion of manufacturing capability in Italy and India. However, possibly the most exciting new development for PJV is the addition of PJ Piping to Group allowing the business to offer a complete Pipe, Valves & Fittings (PVF) offering to our customers. Read the interview below.

One-to-one with Dan Munro, Group Managing Director of PJ Valves Group.

PJ Valves (PJV) manufactures and supplies specialist valves for oil and gas projects and applications globally. Its product range meets complex specifications for major international end users.

The industry is now coming to terms with lower for longer oil prices. What products and services are PJ Valves offering to maximise efficiencies and enhance production?

The prolonged downturn has meant operators have had to reduce project costs to attract investment. End users have called on every part of the supply chain to support this process by reducing their prices. A major challenge for project teams is sourcing and buying cost-effective valves without compromising on quality. At PJV we have approached this challenge by working closely with project teams to understand their requirements in detail. We then work with our raw material suppliers to develop low cost solutions. For example, PJV recently saved a customer USD $1.5m on an FPSO project by challenging the project specifications leading to a change of valve choice. Another area where PJV can enhance operational efficiencies is documentation – building our documentation around our customers’ needs. This can be a big time saver – for client project teams.

You’ve recently opened offices in Singapore and before that in Houston. Why have you chosen to expand into these markets and what have been the challenges of doing so?

Our strategy is a global territory model, which means our teams work in close geographical proximity to our customers and provide in time zone support. Our customers benefit from our global project knowledge, which can make a big difference to both the cost of our valves (as we leverage economies of scale) and the performance of valve supply, which we customise for specific project needs.

You’ve worked with massive operators, perhaps most recently with Maersk Oil on the Culzean project. What advice can you give to other EIC members on working with such big companies?

We’ve found that our global territory model and building relationships with project teams are key to success on large projects. It’s no longer enough just to offer a good price or smooth project delivery – operators need and expect very robust technical and commercial support, particularly during early project stages. As the project moves through various approval stages there are often many stakeholders and moving parts. We work closely with different project stakeholders to respond quickly to – and sometimes even predict – changing product or service needs.

What do the next 12 months have in store for PJ Valves?

We’ve recently launched our PJ Piping division in Houston supplying a range of specialist pipe fittings, flanges and other piping components. The PJ Group now offers the market an integrated pipe, valves and fittings (PVF) supplier process and we’re looking forward to building that business across the Americas and further afield. Customers have so far voted with their orders – it has been a very strong start to the business as we use the same project-led technical approach for piping. A key focus is building relationships and offices in other key locations, such as the Middle East, where our approach to manufacturing and supplying valves can provide significant cost benefits to EPCs and operators. We are also continuing to invest in new factory facilities – our latest investment in Pune, India, compliments our long standing manufacturing experience in northern Italy. We are looking at the medium-and-long-term and see solid benefits in investing now.

What would surprise other EIC members to learn about PJ Valves? In July 2016 PJ Valves celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Forty years ago on 6th July 1976 – the company consisted of two people working out of a small office near London. Today the group employs approximately 100 people in five global locations. We have developed from a small basic stockist to owning global manufacturing facilities producing valves in complex NORSOK materials. That’s quite a journey. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the ethos of the company. We are experts in our field and the entire organisation is focused on satisfying customer and project needs.

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