Products: Actuation Integration

Standard Design

We partner with industry leading actuator manufacturers. Our in-house valve experts ensure correct calculations for sizing in accordance with client requirements, safety and design parameters.

In depth knowledge of different valve and actuator combinations ensuring that MAST and other valve critical parameters are adhered to.

SIL custom designed packages available for safety critical devices ensuring plant reliability and smooth operation.

In-house experience of most end user actuator specifications for example Statoil actuation standards and TR0038.


Ball Valves

Our Ball Valve design complies with ANSI, ASME and API standards.

Actuation Ready Design

Large ISO plate and plate designs reduces the time and cost of actuation. Uniform torques provide prolonged cycle life.

Stem Design

Stronger stem, meaning higher MAST value, with no impact on break torques. The stem slot into ball is deeper and slightly curved which gives better control of the ball and reduces risk of shearing. Our stem design incorporates a tamper proof antistatic device and is blow-out proof.

Butterfly Valves

The high performance butterfly range is a reliable option for more critical applications and longevity.

  • 2″ to 24″
  • 150lb and 300lb
Our Range
  • Concentric Rubber Lined
  • Double Offset
  • Triple Offset
Actuation Ready Design

Large ISO plate and plate designs reduces the time and cost of actuation. Uniform torques provide prolonged cycle life.

Stem Design

Thicker stem designed into valve from the outset, creating a higher MAST, thus eliminating most safety factor issues associated with butterfly valves.


Actuation is essential for ESD, high cyclic and critical valve applications where manual operation may compromise the system or safety. It is also seen as a significant cost benefit due to the automated process.

Pneumatic Actuators
  • Pneumatic Scotch Yoke double acting and spring return design with controls (Ductile iron and steel in compact and scotch yoke design with offshore paint options where specified).
  • Pneumatic compact design with controls.
  • Pneumatic rack and pinion design (Aluminium and stainless steel for rack and pinion actuators).
Hydraulic Actuators
  • Hydraulic
  • Electro-Hydraulic
Electric Actuators
  • Motor Operated Valves (MOVs) (Aluminium and offshore paint options for electric actuation).
Features & Benefits

Proven design scotch yoke actuators and aluminium actuators for both offshore and onshore use. Flexibility and current relationships with the major valve actuation companies to ensure project compliant package. For cost sensitive packages PJV have proven supply for different options.

All of PJV valve packages are stroke tested to ensure integrity of operation. “As built” documentation packages to ensure that our customers gain fast and accurate knowledge as to the valve, actuator and accessories configuration and dimensional envelope.

Control panels

PJ Valves offer control panels customised to your application requirements. We can utilise a wide range of branded components (bifold, parker, swagelok, norgren, maxseal etc) to customer preference. Tubing is available in standard and exotic alloy materials. Various mounting options are available, including housing of control panel in protective enclosure.

Project Experience