PJ Valves manufactures for a wide range of oil and gas processing applications.


Severe environmental conditions demand quality products that will meet asset design life. PJ Valves has the products and structure to provide an entire topside solution.

Mooring Systems

From riser manifold applications on spread moored vessels to CALM buoys and a range turret designs, PJ Valves understand the challenges associ...

Oil and Gas Processing

Production from subsea wells is separated and treated to produce stabilised crude oil, gas and water.

Water Treatment and Injection

Water, whether a by-product of process separation or lifted direct from the sea, requires treatment before disposal or injection.


From power generation to fire water distribution, utility systems provide essential support to primary processing facilities.


PJ Valves has a track record of manufacturing for onshore applications in over 20 countries across five continents.

Early Production Facilities

Early production facilities (EPFs) are fast track developments of hydrocarbon processing equipment.

Onshore Processing Plant

Onshore processing plants are developed to recover reserves for larger offshore fields where production duration justifies full infrastructure.

Midstream and Petrochemical

Upstream production is transported from remote processing locations for direct sale or further refinement or processing into value added produc...


Gas is chilled at cryogenic temperatures to convert to liquid state, allowing efficient transportation and storage.

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Specialist applications

Do you have a challenging service? From metallurgy to product design, let PJ Valves collaborate with you to find the best fit for your application.

PJ Valves’ in-house engineers are experienced at providing solutions based around specific process requirements. From engineered wall thicknesses, to reducing weight on a topside, and non-standard face-to-face dimensions, we invite our clients to engage with us on their valve challenges.

Total (Formerly Maersk) | Culzean Field Development

With facilities spread across 3 bridge-linked platforms, and condensate storage via an FSO, the Culzean field development featured numerous ex...

PJ Valves celebrates new factory expansion in Pune, India, marking a milestone in growth and innovation

Hertford, UK January 2023: PJ Valves celebrates new factory expansion in Pune, India, marking a milestone in growth and innovation.