BG Hibiscus Project

About BG Hibiscus Project

The Hibiscus field is part of the British Gas North Coast Marine Area development to supply gas to trains 2, 3, and 4 of Atlantic LNG in Point Fortin. Hibiscus is located in the North Coast Marine Area (NCMA) of northern Trinidad in around 500ft of water.


Our customer was awarded EPC contracts for both brownfield and greenfield work on the Hibiscus field. This resulted in very similar P&ID's for both fields and therefore valve scopes.

The challenge for our customer was that 50% of the project was a brownfield upgrade, which had to be installed within a short shutdown period. Capital goods which included valves therefore had to be manufactured in accordance with the project's and BG's specifications, within a short lead-time. PJ Valves successfully supplied around a wide range of valve types and materials to the project through our EPC customer, who delivered a full scope compressor module. Complexities involved short lead times on the brownfield packages, low temperature testing to some materials and high pressure gas testing to the ball valves.  Valves included small and large bore ball valves - the majority of which were supplied with elgiloy spring, PTFE lip seals due to the high H2S service conditions; large bore triple offset butterfly valves, forged steel globe valves and wafer check valves. Valves were supplied in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium bronze.


Our Houston and UK offices worked very closely with our EPC customer to understand valve scopes early, as well as producing precise and compliant quotations which reduced the technical and commercial approval process. Whilst the US was asleep, our UK office was able to coordinate quotations, raw material pricing and availability and shop loading with our supply chain, spanning three continents. The result was that there was always at least one company, within the supply chain, working on this project every hour within a twenty-four hour period.

Once the project was completed, our customer rated our project management performance as "excellent" during our FPAL review.

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